ZEEL sets up online access for DPO for ease of business

ZEEL sets up online access for DPO for ease of business

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Zee Entertainment has set up online access for distribution platform operators in India. The online DPO went live on ZEEL’s website last month after the coronavirus pandemic led to lockdown across the country. The online access let’s DPOs to raise a new headend request and submit audit reports.

ZEEL sets up online access for DPO

There is a specific page for raising new headend requests whereas the other page is for subscriber (DPO) login. The new headend request is just a precursor to the verification of the documents by the broadcaster and not the substitute to the mandatory written request. ZEEL notes that mere submission of the form on the portal won’t entitle the signal seeker to avail ZEEL group channels unless the required documents to be submitted are verified and cleared by ZEEL.

The submission of the online request is in addition to the mandatory written request to be made by the distribution platform operator vide application form for request of signals. Application form, documentary evidence, technical compliance report, and all other documents are required by the company to show that the addressable systems are to be used for distribution of subscribed channels, and meet the requirements specified in the schedule III of the Interconnection Regulations.

The other page is for the submission of monthly subscriber reports by all distribution platform operators. DPO can also submit their caused audit report with all annexures on the portal. The online portal also enables the DPOs to view the previously submitted subscriber reports and DPO caused audit reports with all annexures.

The online portal has been devised and made available for the ease of doing business however it is in addition and not a substitution to the mandatory Subscriber reports to be submitted by the DPOs as per the regulations. The reports submitted will be subject to ZEEL’s review and validation.

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