Zing’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya touches 14 million hearts with the campaign #DearLove

The show which has been a favorite among Gen Z currently on-air is about confusions in love which go hand in hand for the young audience.

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Zing’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya made its come back with all-new season 11 showcasing new-age love after a successful run for 6 years and 10 seasons. The show which has been a favorite among Gen Z currently on-air is about confusions in love which go hand in hand for the young audience.

Zing rolled out the campaign with a promo called #DearLove which was an open letter to love encapsulating numerous things which the youth wanted to tell, ask or even express their confusion to #DearLove. The promo showcased all ZEE network extensively on digital mediums had the exact amount of emotional sentiment, confusion, and sparked a conversation among Youth.

Pankaj Balhara

“It’s been a wonderful journey for us with PTKK for the past 6 years and we are glad that we have a fresh and edgy content that connects directly with the youth, their sentiments and perception. Coming from a strong consumer insight that suggested how love is confusing for this young audience and they are always looking for ways in order to navigate through these confusions, we designed the campaign #DearLove. Just like the show, #DearLove campaign has also struck a right chord with the youth and received tremendous response. With an all-encompassing marketing plan and a good media strategy in place, the campaign created endless conversations across Zing’s digital and social media assets.”

Pankaj Balhara, Dy. Business Head, Music Cluster, ZEEL

Zing roped in young influencers who carried forward the conversation with #DearLove focusing on content marketing in the first leg. Anubhav Bassi, Ansh Pandit, Nidhi Narwal to Saloni Gaur who have a strong follower base among young India took to Instagram creating short videos in their own styles titled #DearLove which was all over the internet with people joining in by making their own versions of #DearLove.

Zing’s campaign got 7.68 million views across social media and YouTube addressing #DearLove in the form of videos, messages, reels, and everyone joining in to say something to love amassing 21.2 million impressions and 14 million across the internet.

Zing also launched a Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya filter on Instagram which had messages from Love itself with responses leaving people smiling because of its high relatability and quirkiness with people joining in curiously to know what love has in store for them. The filter received 300K impressions within three days of its launch and was used by 35K users within this time period.

Zing also tapped into the popularity of the doodle art among this TG and created comic strips as a teaser for each episode receiving a phenomenal response from the audience as they were widely shared by the youth. Zing had Paree Sanitary Pads as PTKK’s title sponsors while Yamaha Faschino 125 Fi, Vicks Cough Drop, Philips One Blade partnered with the show to strengthen their connect with youth.

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