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Forum Guidelines and FAQs

Posting Guidelines:

  • DO NOT SPAM. Any kind of spamming in Posts/Conversations is not allowed. Spamming would result in an instant and Permanent Ban.
  • Use SEARCH function on the forum BEFORE POSTING. Before posting any thread make sure it has not been posted earlier. The same rule applies for any doubts/questions. Most of your questions might have been answered already. Check the "Sticky" threads and do a search before posting. Duplicate Threads/Posts will be deleted without any notice.
  • Post in correct sections. If you happen to mistakenly post threads in the wrong section, feel free to report it to the team. However, please make sure you don't repeat this practice.
  • Post questions only once. Even if you think it is relevant in several forums, you should pick the most relevant subsection and post it there. Your question will be seen by a lot of people, wherever you post it. Duplicate posts flood the forums and are equivalent to SPAM, and will be deleted.
  • Do NOT use Capital letters for the entire post or thread titles. The internet community considers this to be SHOUTING and therefore discourteous. Also, avoid huge fonts for the entire posts. You may use bigger fonts to highlight important points if required. Such posts will be edited by Moderators without any notice.
  • Do not use too many emojis in your post. It will be difficult to read and makes the post unusual. Such posts will be edited by Moderators without any notice.
  • DreamDTH uses English as the language to interact. We suggest you do the same. If you are posting in any language other than English, don't forget to post a translation in English. However, the thread title should always be in English. Please try to keep the thread title descriptive so that members can easily understand what the thread is all about. Any posts in regional languages will be removed and would result in Warning/Ban. Please read more about this topic here: Use English as primary language on DDF.
  • Avoid using short forms. This is a forum as opposed to a chat service. Members will find it difficult to understand posts if you use unknown/unofficial short forms. Such posts may not get a good response from forum members. Take time and post in well constructed English.
  • Advertising any competitor website, via Posts/Conversations is not allowed. Posting links to any other website with the sole intention of promoting it is not allowed. Doing so would result in Ban.
  • Any news obtained from another site must have a link to the source added at the end of the article. Don't just copy and paste articles from the internet. Try to add your own input to the article. If any images are used from another website, make sure you give credit to that website. However, avoid images watermarked with logos of other sites.
  • DO NOT post any posts/images with credit to another forum of the same niche as DreamDTH. Also, avoid posting any posts/images with credits to other forum members.
  • Do not link to images on other websites, instead upload the picture on Image Hosting Services like ImgBB, Imgur, etc. to upload and post pictures with Image BB Code URLs. Instructions: How to post images on DDF.
  • Your username/signature/post/conversation cannot contain any information (like a website link, contact address, mobile/telephone number, contact email, etc) to promote your business, website, products and/or services. Advertising in your signature/post/conversation is not allowed.
  • You may not post commission, referral or affiliate links anywhere on the forum. They'll be immediately removed and you will be warned. Repetition of the same will result in a ban.
  • Any thread which is directly or indirectly discussing a topic that is not in the welfare/decorum of the forum will be immediately deleted and the thread starter will be banned.
  • Always STAY ON TOPIC. Make sure your reply is related to the topic and would be useful to the readers. Do not go off-topic and mislead readers. Off-topic posts will be deleted without any notice.
  • Abusing members should be strictly avoided. Do not post anything cruel, hurtful, mean, insulting, racist. Abusive posts will lead to Warning/Ban.
  • Avoid Posting any sensitive or political issues which might lead to an outbreak among the members. Try to keep the forum at peace.
  • We give freedom of speech. You are free to praise/curse any service provider based on your personal experience. However, replies posted with the sole intention of promoting/defaming any service provider is not entertained. Similarly, posts with the sole intention of promoting/defaming anyone/anything is not entertained. Constructive Praise/Criticism is what we allow, not Promotion/Defamation.
  • Freedom of speech also gives you the power to question any member's opinion but the discussion has to be carried in a friendly manner. Personal abuse is not entertained here and would result in a Ban.
  • Sharing Websites/Apps details that telecast TV channels illegally is prohibited. All such posts will be deleted and action will be taken on violators.
  • Card sharing is forbidden here. Please note any questions whatsoever to do with card sharing pay/commercial servers are strictly forbidden, any discussion on this topic is not welcomed here.
  • It is prohibited to post Keys for providers, to link to the sites containing keys, or files for illegal watching of pay-tv providers.
  • Sharing Warez, Cracks, CD codes, keygens, or other illegal programs that are used to either crack software or perform any malicious activity is strictly prohibited. All such posts will be deleted and action will be taken on violators.
  • Asking/Sharing OTT account details is prohibited. Do NOT ask for such details. This would result in Ban.
  • Avoid Posts/Images related to pornography, obscene articles, illegal activities. Also, avoid any shocking imagery as we are a family-friendly forum. All posts which are considered porno, illegal, obscene or shocking will be removed without notice.

Using Features of the Site:

  • DO NOT use the quote button unless you are specifically replying to a particular member. Also, DO NOT use the mention feature (tag) unnecessarily. Use mention only when seeking help/reply from a specific member. And never tag any staff member for the purpose of moderation.
  • Do not abuse the Reactions system. Asking for positive reactions either via posts or via private conversations (positive reactions must be earned legitimately) is prohibited. Similarly using ratings inappropriately to degrade the members is also prohibited.
  • Always use the Report button to report any threads/posts which you think do not meet the rules. Avoid replying to such threads/posts or flooding mods with conversations. While reporting posts, use appropriate report reasons. Explain the exact reason as to why you are reporting that post. Do Not use generic reasons like "useless post", "already posted", "close thread", "merge thread" etc. and don't ask to "Ban" or "Warn" the member in your reports. You just need to report the issue and leave the decision to the Moderation Team, instead of advising what to do. Reports with inappropriate reasons will be rejected by the mods. Also, please provide thread links whenever necessary.
  • Do not share personal contact details, be it Email, Phone, Facebook or any kind of contact even via private message (conversation) with any other member, unless you are buying/selling anything from/to that member. If you are selling/buying anything you can exchange contact details ONLY via conversation.
  • DreamDTH will not be held responsible for any sale that happens through this platform. We do not have any official channel to sell anything. Any issues/disputes about the trade should be solved by the respective parties only.
  • DreamDTH is not liable to answer/compensate any loss which may happen upon sharing personal/sensitive data with others.


  • Do NOT ask for Promotions because you will never get it if you ask for it that way. DDF Team reviews every member's contribution and deserving members are promoted in a timely manner.
  • We do NOT allow multiple accounts. Multiple ids will be banned/rejected without notice. If you want an id from the same IP address for any of your family members, inform a team member before creating the second id via Talk to Team forum. Also note, you must not re-register once banned. A ban from DreamDTH means you are no longer allowed to use our website for the said amount of Ban period. Re-registering will lead to a permanent ban of the new account and may increase the Ban period of your original account as well.
  • You can change your username by posting a reply in this thread. However, We do not permit login names which are unethical, impersonating, or breaking any of the Forum rules. DDF team reserve the right to approve or refuse the username change requests.
  • You can dispute a ban by sending an email to forum team via contact us form, if you feel that you have not violated any rule. Please provide a reason why the ban is not valid. DDF team holds the right to withheld or overturn the ban. You can check the Staff listing Page to find the current staff accounts.

Conversation System restrictions for newbies:

We have set minimum post count requirements to create and reply Conversations on our forum for new members, to avoid any misuse like sending promotional messages.

  • Minimum Post Count to View Conversation: 5
  • Minimum Post Count to Reply Conversation: 10
  • Minimum Post Count to Create Conversation: 15

If any legit newbie member need conversation access to pass information privately, request for it through the Talk To Team section. We are kind enough to accept such requests for valid reasons and give special permissions. However, in general it won't be allowed for newbies until they reach the post count requirement, after which the conversation system would be activated automatically.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't post low quality spam post to activate Conversation system, you'll GET BANNED by doing that.

Websites from which Content Sharing is DISALLOWED:

We disallow sharing from a few websites. These websites either do not entertain sharing their articles from their site or we do not want their articles to be shared on our site. So, a request to all members to refrain from sharing info from these sites. Any threads posted from these sites will be "Deleted" without notice and if the same is repeated again, strict action will be taken against the member.

Disputes with moderators:

DO NOT start arguments or show dissent to any staff member for any kind of moderations on the forums. If you are unhappy over a post/action/moderation of a staff member raise a dispute ONLY at the Talk to Team section. Remember that the staff members are volunteers who spend their valuable time for us to maintain the decorum of the forum. Please do not abuse or harass a staff member for any reason. Showing dissent or abusing a staff on public forum will not be tolerated and would result in a ban.

Useful Links:

DreamDTH is constituted with friendly people and we like to remain cool. Follow the Rules and enjoy your stay here.

DreamDTH Team

Last updated: Thursday 25 November 2019

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