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Slight S/W Modification : Very Soon !!!

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7 Apr 2011
Just got some good info regarding S/W issue...Technicians are doing to modify the S/W slightly...As far I got the news;the following modification will be happened....

1.Friends;For your info ..already a change has been happened without your notice...
There already a slight increase in DishTV LOGO as I got the info.Just to check;watch any channel and measure the LOGO(looking bigger);then go to MENU interface and measure the LOGO(looking small).Just compare these SS

2.Modification in MENU Unsubscribed message will be happen...
Look this SS...Here we can see both INFO BAR & Unsubscribed Message INFO in an Unsubscribed channel .But after S/W modification;we will only see Unsubsribed Message INFO;not INFO BAR(Below) as previous S/W version.

3.Another good thing is : The hanging issue in new S/W version will soon be resolved.

4.Last Good thing is: Functioning delay will be resolved.New S/W functioning late than previous version.

5.On or before AUGUST ;Channel Position LCN will be rearranged again.Specially for REGIONAL Channels.HINDI MUSIC Genere Channels will again come to near LCN 300.

Not open for further replies.
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