100% Love :Review


7 Apr 2011
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Movie: '100% Love';

Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Thamanna, Naresh, Vijaya Kumar, K.R. Vijaya, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, M.S.Narayana and others.

Director: Sukumar
Produce: Allu Arvind and Bunny Vasu
Music Director: Devi Sree Prasad
Camera: Prasad

Naga Chaitanya, who charmed young viewers with his stylish and innocent looks in 'Yem Mayam Chesaav', is back with another trendy film '100% Love', directed by Sukumar who focuses on the mindset, attitude and reservations of today's youngsters who are confused about many things including infatuation and relationships.
Sukumar, who earned appreciation for his debut film 'Arya', where the hero was presented with a different characterisation. Even his second film 'Jagadam' was appreciated for realistic and natural feel, but his 'Arya 2', a sequel to the hugely successful 'Arya', failed to live up to expectations.
The film features the work of three Prasads.
Screenplaywriter Hari Prasad has done a good job in creating funny, fresh and polished scenes. Even the dialogues are effective. Then, there is cameraman Prasad, who has also done a fairly good job. Lastly, composer Devi Sri Prasad has tried to give the best compositions.
However, the film, which could have been a well-made youthful entertainer, suffers because of a slow narration in the second half and a confusing climax.
In the film, Balu is a bright student who is also ego-centric. His relative Mahalakshmi comes to stay with them to persue higher studies on an invitation from his father. She is not studious and takes Balu's help in her studies. But very soon she becomes a class topper and even eclipses Balu's record.
This leads to ego clashes between Balu and Mahalakshmi who has now grown into an assertive, thinking girl. Finally, both of them realise that they are made for each other.
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