2 channel added on RDTV

well nsurely both rdtv and sun direct r jointly beaming/sharing the second channel mentioned above
Good news but donno abt 7 SEA channel. pls post the type of this channel.
Are these Tamil channels? Please let us all know under what category they are listed.
Puthia thalaimurai is tamil channel.
what is sea channel ?
karthik said:
Puthia thalaimurai is tamil channel.
what is sea channel ?

not SEA its '7 SEA' channel. eagerly want to know abt the channel. pls reply having RDTV friends.
anil if possible upload the images by tinypic/imagur and please update rdtv channel list thread.
where is tinypic app . it was a very easy to upload pict . the option of tinypic is removed so i added attachment...............
i am working on it tinypic removed for some problems willl added sortly again. :)
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