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20+ Serials off-aired in Kannada due to Covid 19 lockdown and Dubbing entry


14 Sep 2018
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More than 20 serials are off aired in Kannada television due to corona virus lockdown and dubbing entry in Kannada television.

Following are the serials that are off-aired

1. Ranga Nayaki (CK)
2. Radha Kalyana (ZK)
3. Subbalaxmi Samsara (ZK)
4. Devayani (UD)
5. Kaveri (UD)
6. Amnoru (UD)
7. Nanu Nanna Kanasu (UD)
8. Jeeva Nadi (UD)
9. Naayaki (UD)
10. Shruthi Seridaga (SS)
11. Marali Bandalu Seethe (SS)
12. Varalaxmi Stores (SS)
13. Bayasade Bali Bande (SS)
14. Sathyam Shivam Sundaram (SS)
15. Aramane Gili (SS)
16. Arthigobba Keerthigobba (SS)
17. Sindhoora (SS)
18. Yajamani (SS)
19. Bhoomi Thayane (CS)
20. Mangalyam Tantu Nanena (CS)
21. Silli Lalli (CS)
22. Magalu Janaki (CS)
23. Ughe Ughe Madeshwara (ZK)
24. Ivalu Sujatha (CK)
25. Nandini 2 (UD)
26. Matthe Vasantha (SS)
27. Sarva Mangala Mangalye (SS)

Colors Kannada - 2 Serial
Zee Kannada - 3 Serials
Udaya tv - 7 Serials
Colors Super - 4 Serials
Star Suvarna - 11 Serials
Bro remove Matte Vasantha as it is restarting This month end


4 Nov 2020
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Hi Suvarna channel

Please dont cut the scenes of seethe ya rama. I have been giving feedback about this. You are removing scenes every day arround 2-3 episodes. Due to this all family memebers and viewers of Seethe ya Rama disappointed and they are not interested to see just bcz you are removing scenes. Previous you show something and next day scene wil be very different, it is non continued with each stop. Even after advertisement you cut the scenes. This im seeing from many months. Main scenes Seethe And Rama scenes, songs and romantic scenes, also important scenes with discussion, talking wordings all you are just cutting off. I knew you were cutting so many scenes from starting itself like Seetha Rama Marriage. How the show can be made within one week everything is done like leaving Ayodya, dashrath death , Kaikey aplogize, Bharath meeting Ram and taking his sandal? Do you think these all happen in one week? never Your are removing more than 2-3 episodes. Instead of dragging kannada serials, Give time for Seethe ya Rama which all the viewers should see . Removing scenes makes viewers go off.
Here after from today (4th november 2020) please i request you to not to remove/cut the any scenes of Seethe ya Rama, even its small conversation and Seethe Rama scenes etc.

NOTE: Also my request you to give 1 hr time for Seethe ya Rama. If there is no time then please telecast seethe Ya Rama at 9.30-10.00 without advertisement or else make it 9-10pm .
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