DDF Exclusive Airtel Digital TV to launch "Airtel Darshan" service channel

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23 Oct 2018
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A new service channel "Airtel Darshan" will be launching soon. Currently the channel is testing by Airtel.
Pricing is very affordable and good thing is that live darshan feed from all temples/shrines is available in full screen unlike Tata Play where same is made available in small window.

I think on Airtel XStream Box separate LCN will be allocated for each video feed as Trigger/Launcher App (Red Button) option is not supported on this STB model which is why Airtel Music service is not available and even Star Sports VIP channels were added on separate LCN
Charging Rs0.75 per day isn't an issue but the devotional service should reach people free of cost and not by charging money. & Airtel did well by giving full-screen mode.

Buddy there must be a valid reason for making this a subscription based service wherein revenue will get shared between Airtel Digital TV and the concerned company with whom they have partnered with to launch this interactive service ....also tax is inclusive in this amount which needs to be paid to the government.

Though even i would have been very happy if this service was provided on complimentary basis but still Rs. 20 is still a very affordable price for accessing this service. Maybe they will provide this service for free alongwith certain DPO bouquets or even make it free later on for all subscribers.

All i can say is that as per my observation Airtel Digital TV is investing a lot in enhancing , expanding and improving its service offering hence same leads to significant rise in expenditures therefore they need to look for sources which can generate additional revenue. Mostly ads on home channels, banner ads on boot up screen / Mini EPG/ Home Screen, Carriage Fee etc. help earn revenue for an operator while they do try to not pass on much burden to its subscribers rather subsidising them while buying new connection or even for subscribing to channels but even if they do not provide certain things free of cost still we should be happy if overall product offering & service quality is maintained well
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