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Breaking Airtel new HD pack for Bengal


12 Feb 2016
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this pack only for bengal PIN only.....just recherge this Rs.848/Rs.
1508.....offer for all bengal id


Airtel Expert
29 May 2011
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Yes you can activate Udp plan by sending sms code if you have sufficient balance in your account. You can also activate additional channels and also broadcaster bouquets. There will be no extra ncf.

If you want sms code, ping me on pm, I will share.

I think, as far as I know zero ncf an has been withdrawn for airtel black users, How ever zero ncf plan still continueing on users account.

I don't have info on Rc 400,you may check on app and also lcn 121.

Thanks Bhai for providing this information.

Please do message me sms codes/missed call number for such packs which can provide me with the Channels i am looking for.

Also please let me know whether if i decide to move back to regular plans from airtel black then is there any charge levied for it. All the connections which I m planning to bundle under airtel black plan r old ones. I know that for people opting new broadband or XStream box connection while activating airtel black plan, company reserves the right to charge activation or installation fee which was waived off at time of opting for airtel black plan. There r some more terms and conditions for such customers which i do not remember exactly right now but i guess for old connection no such terms apply

Lastly if i am getting certain benefits under airtel thanks program for my broadband and postpaid connection (availed as well those not availed) then will these benefits be continued if i opt for airtel black plan or will these stand nullified?

Regarding zero NCF plans, will these still be available to me under airtel black? I understand that these stand withdrawn but r they still listed on the app for airtel black users?

Please help me on these queries. Thanks 🙏
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