Breaking B4U Network is going to launch it's new channel "Dhamaka Movies B4U" from 20th November 2022

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Dangal kannada couldn't survive. But if they comes to Kerala market or Tamil market with a channel like SS Music, that'd be so cool.
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So B4U Plus going and DHAMAKA coming should be mixture of B4U Plus and DHAMAKA B4U
May be B4U is planning to compete directly with Dhinchak as its name is very similar to it.
As far as i know B4U doest not have enough movie librarie to manage 3 movie channels B4U Movies, B4U kadak and BAU DHAMAKA Movies there is no sense for launching more movie channels as they are already lacks on current movie channels to show new new movies mostly they show repeated or south movies .
Really, everyone is struggling because of Goldmines, be it pay Hindi movie channels like Sony Max or FTA broadcasters like B4U. They should understand that showing more South movies is not the solution as they cannot beat Goldmines.
b4u plus is nice channel showing old clasic movie it's good content
This would have been better.
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