Bipasha's single status creates an uproar

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3 Nov 2010
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Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu might not have dreamt in her wildest dreams that a text message would create such an uproar. A text message that read – 'Hi, I'm single' was sent to all the guys on her phone contact list. And people close to her just couldn't believe their eyes because she has been denying the rumours of split with boyfriend John Abraham all this while.

Even as the news of her split was spreading like wildfire, with people forwarding the message to their friends, Bipasha never knew about it. Sources said that her cell phone went missing on the sets of her film and couldn't remember where she had kept. The unit of the film and hotel staff searched for the mobile, which was in switch off mode but in vain. She was contemplating lodging an FIR but found it after 24 hours. However, the harm was already done. She found that some mischievous guy had sent 'Hi, I'm single' text message to all the guys in her phonebook.

Poor Bipasha was left with no option but to call everyone to let them know that the message they received was not true and that she is still going strong with John Abraham
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