Blind Scan...A must check feature before buying Satellite Receiver

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30 Apr 2011
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Hi all,

This article highlights the need for a Blind Scan feature in a DVB-S or DVB-S2 Satellite receiver

Lets suppose you have bought a new satellite receiver and want to install it on your own.
Now the question comes, how will you be adding the transponders or channels?
Most of us will refer some online sites that list the various satellites and their transponders to enter the parameters.
But what if we do not have Resources like these handy?

It is now that the "Blind Scan" feature proves useful.
When a Blind Scan is performed, all the active satellite transponder beams are detected and the channels in those transponders are listed and stored as the process progresses.
This saves the tedious task of manually adding transponders which may take many minutes compared to the Blind Scan which may take a few minutes.

Some old Beetel set-top boxes did not have blind-scan feature at all. So do check for this feature on the Packaging box or User Manual before buying.

Also the shorter the time taken for complete blind scan, the better it is.

In these pics, we show the Blind Scan process:









Thank god.... my beetel fta mpeg 2 box.... model number : s11 has blind scan.... when i connected it to my existing dish tv lnb, it scanned all the transponders on fta, and gave me a select option for Insat 4B, Insat 2b, 3E and a test transponder called test (c) for scanning channels on auto scan... I got all the channel list on Insat 4B (dd direct+) : tv plus radio channel list... and when i selected insat 2b,3e option it scanned around 104 channels but i couldnt get any pics, because of improper dish allignment...

check thread : Link Removed

Very good sharing vinay_kumar. :tup
You are right Blind Scan is must for FTA reciver.
I think all these depends on the Technology at that time. Initially there was Analogue receivers and it is replaced with digital receivers. Currently I have a digital receiver of "Winersat" - a famours brand before 10 years, now only in history. In that receiver - we have to enter frequency manually - there is nothing stored in the receiver. And me to not aware of the TPs of the satellites. At that time I took the help of some technicians for feeding Tps and all.

Later receivers with Tps stored arrived with Autoscan function only (no blind scan) - Then a new era Mpeg-2 receivers with Blind Scan and auto scan. Then simple Mpeg-4 receivers and then with Mpeg-4 HD and now a new generation of Receivers with DVBS-2 Mpeg-4 and with blind scan.

Technology keep on changing. One thing to be noticed - technology not going backwards So I am assuming we cannot expect the channels now migrated to IS-17 with new technology, will never back in new satellite with old technology.
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