BMW X5 and X7 SUV coming soon in the big car segment.


2 May 2011
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BMW is all set for the launch of their seven seater SUV. Named X7, this SUV will be in direct competition to Range Rover, Audi Q9 and Mercedes Benz GLC. Bigger and more spacious than the X5 and X6 by the same auto manufacturers, the X7 is being brought out basically for the company’s Chinese customers who love their big vehicles.

Vibrant and forceful, the SUV from BMW is all set to take to the roads by storm. Spacious interiors which can easily and comfortably accommodate upto seven passengers, the SUV is crafted to exhilarate and set the pace with precision and pedigree. BMW is well known for their luxury cars that offer not only style and comfort but also great mileage and performance.

However, there has been no official statement issued by the company on when this model will be finally introduced into the market or any information on pricing of the SUV. But judging by past performance of BMW one can only expect the best.

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