Bought Zing Super FTA 4yr Box


25 Nov 2014
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After months of trying to get information on this box and still not getting satisfactory answers. I decided to register my interest on the website for a callback.

Apparently the call center folks think this callback is only for taking shipping address and sending the device through COD. Costs 1.6k.

Although It wasn't my intention to buy I decided to just go with it and see what happens.

I realised that it ships from my own locality and got the box delivered within 2 hours of my call. Only Airtel has ever done this in the past(2015).

Anyway, to my surprise I got a whole package of things.
1: zip ties
2: Rg6 compression plugs
3: av cable
4: cable fasteners
5: universal remote
6: stb
7: 2 AAA batteries
8: AC adapter

For some reason I could not get great signal from ses8 and gsat15. Turns out my Solid lnb had almost failed.

Sure enough, I got signal from both sats to a decent quality. And began activation. There was a software upgrade before anything could be done.

After this the box asked me if I wanted ses8 or st2. Since I already have st2, tata_play and Airtel lol. I choose ses8

I got the low balance measage and like others posted the steps, I sent the sms to 57575 and it took 1 minute to activate and show the below screen.

Free IPL on ss Hindi

Box images

I can recharge and view channel and subscription/charges from the DishTV app.

Since the LNB is dead, I cannot use the box for another week as I wait for solid to ship a new LNB.
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Just which channel available in kannada language
These are all the kannada channels.
This list includes paid and free channels both.

KANNADA: SD 30 | HD: 4
2606. Udaya TV HD (5.1)
2607. Udaya TV
2608. Zee Kannada HD
2609. Zee Kannada
2610. Star Suvarna HD
2611. Star Suvarna
2612. Kannada Naaptol
2616. Colors Kannada HD
2617. Colors Kannada
2619. Colors Super
2621. Siri Kannada
2623. DD Chandana
2627. Udaya Comedy
2639. Star Suvarna Plus
2641. Zee Picchar
2643. Udaya Movies
2645. Colors Kannada Cinema
2647. Public Movies
2659. Udaya Music
2661. Raj Musix Kannada
2663. Public Music
2675. Star Sports 1 Kannada
2683. Asianet Suvarna News
2685. News18 Kannada
2687. Public TV
2688. News 1st kannada
2689. TV9 Kannada
2691. Raj News Kannada
2693. Republic kannada
2694. Vistara News
2696. Power TV
2699. TV5 Kannada
2713. Ayush TV
2721. Chintu TV

Below are the only 2 paid channels.

Now a very interesting and deceptive thing that was not mentioned anywhere was that there is 18% GST on the overall cost of each channel and it's NCF. So if you only watch a handful of channels then Zing will be cheap, else it's expensive if you want many channels, that too in HD.

Below is the Cost of 1 HD channel listed as 19Rupees.

SD channel cost above ₹5

SD channel cost under ₹5

HD channel cost above ₹5

HD channel cost under ₹5

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