Celebs criticize Ram Gopal Varma

26 May 2011
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Not many dare to abuse Amitabh Bachchan, not even as a 'compliment'. But Ram Gopal Varma, as unpredictable as his films, seems to have run out of good adjectives even while praising people!

After watching Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap, the director abused Big B on a micro-blogging site for not doing similar films more often, later clarifying that he was complimenting him. His post read, "Just watched Bbuddah nd am angry with Bachchan that he's such a c****** not to do films like this and am such a **** not to realise this." Later, he even justified the abuses by saying this was the correct language in India "in times of D K Bose".

Prahlad Kakar, Adman
If someone uses abuses for the sake of sensationalism, it's unacceptable. Using such language on a public forum won't make you popular and I think it was something unnecessary.

Ashmit Patel, Actor
Abuses have become a part and parcel of social media. At the same time, one may not know that a lot of abuses are hurled at celebrities in the virtual world because they are easy targets. I guess when people are frustrated and all is not well in their personal lives, they resort to abuse on cyber space!

Onir, Filmmaker
Mostly, people with fake names abuse on these sites. People think it is cool to use abuses and that reflects the state of our society, where there is a lot of anger and frustration. I also laugh at those who say India needs to grow up. Does growing up mean giving people the right to abuse each other?

Aamir Dalvi, Actor
Friends also use abusive words when they meet each other. While you can't stop people from using such language in a democratic country, abusing someone to defame him is not done.

Shweta Kawaatra, Actor
I never use abusive words on a networking site. If I do so, what kind of message am I conveying to my fans? There are better ways of expressing one's displeasure.

Delnaaz, Actor
People in the film industry are entertainers, and we are not here to give people moral science lessons. It will be hypocrisy to criticise films with abusive language. It's a personal choice whether one is fine with using bad words on a social networking site. I will never do it."

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