Court restricts cable operators from showing 'Thank You'


22 Mar 2011
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The Delhi High Court Thursday restrained cable operators nationwide from distributing, telecasting and broadcasting the forthcoming release "Thank You" and/or otherwise infringing the copyright, production house UTV said in a statement.

Those thinking of enjoying on their home TV sets the Akshay Kumar starrer through cable network will have to scrap their plans after UTV, which filed a civil suit, obtained a court order.

The SHO/superintendent of concerned police stations have also been directed to render assistance to UTV for the purpose of enforcement of the order, a statement from UTV said.

"Piracy has been plaguing the entertainment industry for decades now and is one of the biggest impediments to the growth of the business. This decision by the Delhi High Court is a milestone judgment in our ongoing efforts to tackle piracy and we are confident it will act as a huge deterrent to cable piracy," Siddharth Roy Kapur, CEO of Motion Pictures, UTV, said in a statement.

The court's decision to grant pre-emptive relief from piracy to a plaintiff is being considered an important step forward in the ongoing battle against copyright infringement. The order restricts 1,600 known cable operators and unknown persons also from telecasting the film.

"Film piracy has reached gargantuan proportions, causing tremendous leakage in revenues of film producers. Cable operators have been exploiting the movie industry by illegally screening films on their networks almost immediately after theatrical release of a film," said Anand Desai, managing partner of DSK Legal, who was representing UTV.

"This verdict delivered by the Delhi High Court comes as a landmark judgment in curbing these illegal activities, including directing police assistance as required. This is a very positive step for curbing illegal activities in India," he added.

The film, directed by Anees Bazmee, has been produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Hari Om Productions. Releasing Friday, "Thank You" stars Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Suniel Shetty, Irrfan Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Celina Jaitly and Rimmi Sen.

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Adultery is the theme of Thank You

Adultery is the theme of Thank You and one-upmanship is there to provide lighter moments.

Inspired by the 2001 Hollywood film, Two Can Play That Game, Thank You is about three friends, Irrfan, Suniel Shetty and Bobby Deol who are business partners but are more occupied in the business of seducing women and sleeping around; all three have unsuspecting wives till they learn otherwise.

Suniel Shetty has already been caught in the act and gets the treatment a mule would from his wife, Celina Jaitly; when Sonam suspects her husband, Bobby Deol, Celina advises her to seek the help of Akshay Kumar, a specialist in unearthing such cases of straying husbands. Soon Rimi Sen also ends up seeking Akshay’s services.

Among the three, Irrfan, Suniel Shetty and Bobby Deol, Irfaan is the mastermind of cooking up schemes and on-the-spot solutions every time any of them lands in trouble leading to some fairly funny situations.

However, it is when they realise that their women have someone ratting on them that they also end up engaging Akshay to find who is spying on them when some really funny sequences happen. Akshay Kumar, of course, has a noble cause and a sad story for doing what he is doing- mend broken relations.

Thank You falls short in the music department with not a single number topping the popularity charts. This could be the main factor of the film not managing to take a decent opening. Also, there may be a few good funny scenes but there are none to bring the house down. What saves the film from tedium is multiple star cast.
Since Akshay Kumar is not much of a comedian nor can he claim great comic timing, he depends mainly on making faces. How many times can he make the same kind of faces and get away with it since he has insisted on acting in comedy films continuously!

Resultantly, Irrfan steals the show with his deadpan comedy and witty dialogue. While Suniel Shetty just manages to hold his own, Bobby Deol is a liability to the cast. Of the three girls, Celina Jaitly is fair, Sonam Kapoor a
non-performer and Rimi Sen is the one who impresses. Mallika Sherawat’s item song and Vidya Balan’s cameo do nothing to lift the film.

Shot totally in Canada, Anees Bazmee is in control within the scope the script offers. He is let down by music and a cast full of non-comic comedian cast. Cinematography is good.

Having had an opening response which is below par, Thank You may do little better over the weekend but is unlikely to hold out against the IPL season 4 that kicks off today.
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