Breaking Crunchyroll intends to Launch Crunchyroll TV dedicated TV station in India within next 12 months & also looking for Collab for IP shows

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28 Apr 2018
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Crunchyroll intends to Launch Crunchyroll TV channel for engagement with Indian Anime fans over next 12 months , They are looking for collaboration with local players to create Indian IP show (anime based) in next 12-24 months. It has 13 millions paid subscribers globally, has saw 50x growth in no. of viewers in India in last 6 months & saw 2x increase in watch time, with 58% of views coming from Indian Language dubbed content.

They have also opened new Tech & Development center in Hyderabad ,opened with 10 employees, has potential to accommodate 90 employees in future. Its expected to be largest site in APAC region in next 12 months,

India as a market is huge and has unique anime fans market consist of 53 Million. India is one of the top 3 most prioritized market. It is second biggest after USA which consist of 56-60 Million. major part of their plan is to tackle privacy by making availability and price easier for viewers to switch to legal channel. They have over 800+anime shows , have dubbed 70 anime shows in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu and also plan to add other Indian languages.

While overall business 75% is through OTT other - theatre release, games, merchandise & e-commerce constitute the remaining. Crunchyroll operates separately as a JV between US Sony Pictures Entertainment, Aniplex subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. both of them are subsidiary of Tokyo based Sony Corp.

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Crunchyroll is owned by Sony. In the US, they are merging Funimation into Crunchyroll. I believe Sony also ran an anime channel called Animax in India previously, which ceased in 2017. It'll be interesting if they launch an anime channel again.
I believe sony would relaunch animax along with sony yay, or replace sony yay with the relaunch of animax

My understanding is they are launching a channel in India called Crunchyroll TV. This is now Sony's flagship global anime brand, so it makes sense that they would promote this over Animax, which is now limited to select countries.
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