Dia Mirza and Zayed khan on Ram milaayi Jodi

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22 Mar 2011
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It's common for Bollywood actors to make appearances on the small screen to promote their movies. The latest to join the bandwagon are Dia Mirza and Zayed Khan, who will be doing a cameo in the maha episode of " Ram Milaayi Jodi". These actors have been roped in as judges of a couples' dance competition.

Mona aka Sara Khan, who would be seen participating in the contest with Anukalp (Sujay Reu), tells us she had a blast with the actors. "I was floored when Zayed looked at me and said, 'I have seen you on TV'. Actors playing cameos is becoming a trend of sorts. Bollywood actors too acknowledge the power of the small screen. One can become a household name if you are on TV." Sara also tells us that she wasn't physically fit for the shoot of the maha episode. "I haven't been keeping too well because of the kidney surgery I had to undergo recently. This is why I couldn't even rehearse for my performance. I just saw the choreographer groove to the numbers and I picked up the steps."

Other celebrities who will also be seen in this episode are Shakti Mohan, Manit Jaura and Rakshanda Khan.
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