Discovery Turbo kicks off 'American Trucker' on 11 Jan

Niraj Rathod

29 Oct 2011
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Truck expert Robb Mariani will feature on Discovery Turbo's new show 'American Trucker', as he hitches a ride to talk about this highly demanding profession. He unveils some of the most iconic trucks, the famous routes they followed, and the cargo missions that made history.

The show kicks off on 11 January at 9 pm.

Discovery Turbo’s new series American Trucker will showcase big rigs and people who drive them. Trucking enthusiast Mariani takes viewers on a journey across the US into the world of the American Trucker. He spends endless days driving amidst mind-boggling traffic, dangerous roads and difficult deadlines.

Viewers will hear firsthand from the truckers about this intriguing job and lifestyle, as they navigate dangerous routes and face the many challenges on the road to deliver their cargo to untold destinations. Mariani visits factories that manufacture large size heavy haulers, rides with "push rigs” - the heavy trucks that help trucks stranded by snow and ice, drives a truck with a traveling carnival, and showcases best custom rig shops and their decked-out rides.
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