Discovery Turbo kicks off 'Fine Tuned' from 28 November


5 Aug 2011
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Discovery Turbo will kick off a car makeover show Fine Tuned on 28 November 2011. The automotive makeover series will air every Monday at 10 pm.

This series is a race against the clock to transform ordinary stock car vehicles into high-tech, one-of-a-kind show cars, all within seven days.

The show will convert aged and haggard looking cars into awe - inspiring cars. The team modifies every part of the car and customizes it keeping in mind the personality and wishes of the car owner.

It will be hosted by American actor and model Tyson Beckford.

The show builds cars with unique customisations, from re-designing the exteriors of these vehicles to working under the hood to create powerful, high-performance engines capable of taking on Porches, Ferraris and Maseratis. New features like superchargers, progressive nitrous units, EDFC and tailor made interiors and among others are added to the car.

Professionals have a time limit of seven days to transform ordinary cars into speedy turbo.

With camera work, mechanics and a soundtrack the show carefully showcases the complete makeover process from beginning to end where the owner on the vehicle is presented with his car

In the first episode 20 year old college student Steven Norris' car, a Nissan 350Z gets picked up to get 'Fine Tuned'.

source : itv
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