Dish TV Cross 20,000+ Fans

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3 Nov 2010
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Check this picture from their Dish TV Facebook Community.

Now dish tv is always leading dth:up:

Dear Admin I have already posted it before......
can you give the link here?
Dishtv has this achivement coz it is launched too earlier then other dthes.
Just like our forum launched too late so we have low members.

Otherwise we r in top :p
:D exactly admin.!!!!!!!

well noticed !!!!

but we will rock just like airtel and tata after a short time of launching !!!!!!
but i think - east or west dish tv is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D
well a big nooooooooo......

Its not like that.

It gets differ person to person.
Some person love tata some airtel and some dish.
So never think its the best.
Everything has marits n demarits.

Dish tv's picture quality is not so good.

Its not better from airtel n tata sky.
So its not best.
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