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5 Jan 2020
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Disney India is on it's way to cater the Indian audience with its brand new lineup of their upcoming shows and movies which is ironically not a single content from the brand, "Disney," except for Disney Junior and Disney International HD, but the lineup consists of both local and foreign acquired contents which includes "Anime" and in the upcoming lineup they are also bringing some old "lost dub" shows which were really popular in the past

Disney Channel India
starting 19th March, the channel, on their new segment, "Shordaar Summer" plans to bring brand new shows, air existing movies and new/old episodes of the already airing shows which are as follows:

Chuck Chicken (Returning as a New Show)
Oddbobs (used to air on Pogo TV, coming as New Show on Disney India)
Chuck Chicken (returning as a new show)​
oddbobs (used to air on Pogo TV, returning as a new show on Disney India)​
Twinkle Sharma #0007 (Local Acquired Show, first Indian show based on a female protagonist)
Expected New Episodes of the Following Shows
Twinkle Sharma #0007
(Local Acquired Show, first Indian animation based on a female protagonist)​
Expected New Episodes of the Following Shows​
along with that, the segment will air Doraemon movies as well!

Hungama TV
well, the channel had not made official "Segment" or anything like that, but the channel is really impressing us with the return of the most loved anime show of all time!! Sorry it's not Kochikame! Maybe in the future!

let's see what they are planning:
Pokemon Movie: Aap Selected Ho
(The 20th Movie of Pokemon, "I Choose You" is premiering for the first time)​
Tensai Baba (used to telecast on Hungama TV
in the past as "Tensai Bakabon," returning as a New Show)​

both the movie and the show are slated as coming soon as of now!

Super Hungama is not airing anything new for now, the channel is just telecasting the promotional video of their other disney networks during the commercial break!

Disney International HD is airing new shows, episodes and movies every now and then from the Disney Channel Original live-action catalogue!

Disney Junior is planning to telecast, "Eureka!" starting 20th March!

that's the end for the Disney Network!

but, I want to end this post with an interesting image which would make you all happy I guess!
Yep, the 95th Academy Awards (Oscars 2023) will be airing on Indian Television LIVE and EXCLUSIVE
on Star Movies (not on Star World though) along with Disney+ Hotstar​
That line-up. Apart from Oscars. 🤮

And in which country does summer starts in March?

Summer Line Up does not mean all these shows will start airing from march itself but in a gradual manner in coming months specially during summer holidays of kids.

Disney Cartoons (except for 0-8 age group) not part of this line up as these do not get much ratings compared to locally made or Japanese cartoons. These Disney Cartoons might get featured on Disney Channel HD. Good to see Anime shows being aired more on Disney India Kids channels and even on other kids channels. Animax Asia making a digital comeback is also great news
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