Dreamdth exclusive- Big Tata Sky logo back on HD channels


29 May 2011
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after few days of putting small tata sky logo on hd channels,tata sky has again enabled old big tata sky logo on all hd channels. dont know the reason for it but anyways this logo is also good and does not interfere with the picture or text in anyway. give ur opinion, let ur voice b the judge, which logo do u find better, small or big? remember small logo was not transparent but was small so did not intefere with anything on screen and this logo is big but transparent and again not disturbing viewing experience

Pics added by mystic:
nice update and first in ddf.hope no one copies it.and i think tata sky thought after small logo viewers forget they are viewing it from tata sky so they put big logo again.
Thanks for sharing first here in DDF. :tup
I like small logo though ... :blush:

Logo change is visible to all tatasky HD users and if someone else post the same news somewhere else I see no harm in it.
Not sure why they are experimenting and not sticking with a particular logo type. The small one looked good and may be did not appear good on SD TVs?
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