High drinking age in cities, ridiculous: Sayali Bhagat

26 May 2011
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Former beauty Queen and Bollywood actress Sayali Bhagat has spoken up against the high drinking age limit in cities like Delhi and Bangalore after Actor Imran Khan expressed his concern over the issue.

Imran Khan recently said that the high drinking age did not make sense for those who could already vote and get married.

"It's completely unfair to expect that one has to wait till 25 years of age to exercise one's freedom of choice regarding one's lifestyle. The voting age in India is 18. Girls can legally marry at 18 and boys at 21. So why not lower the age of drinking?," asks the actress. The actress goes on to say that her support of the issue or Imran's support does not necessarily mean that they themselves drink. "Today's young generation is quite mature and responsible enough to know their limitations. Especially cities like Mumbai and Delhi being the financial and corporate hubs of the country, making such laws will serve no deed," concludes the pretty actress.

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