How to receive DD DIRECT Plus DTH ?

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3 Nov 2010
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Receive System includes a small satellite dish (which is an antenna for receiving a satellite broadcast signal); a digital integrated receiver/decoder (IRD) also called STB (Set Top Box), which separates each channel and decompresses and translates the digital signal for viewing over a television; and a remote control.

Investment on the part of subscriber for receiving DD-DIRECT signal is only one time on receive system and no recurring monthly expenditure will have to be incurred by the viewer. As compared to other DTH systems, where a huge activation fee and a monthly subscription fee is charged, the DD DIRECT+ can be received without payment of any activation fees. Price of a receive system is less than Rs 3000/-. Once the technology gets induced the demand for the receive systems will increase and the prices would further comedown.

Installation of the Receive System:
Installation of the System is very easy and does not take much time. However the viewer has to take the services of skilled technical personnel to get the dish installed and oriented towards the Satellite, which is required to be carried out before the system starts receiving the DD DIRECT+ signals. Tuning/configuring the STB also is required to be done initially. Tuning procedure is normally supplied by the manufacturer along with the STB.
Some of the parameters which are required to be fed to the IRD are mentioned therein and are also given under the heading 'Satellite in use'.

Satellite in use:
A powerful Satellite INSAT-4B is being used to uplink the DD DIRECT+ signal. Reception of the signal has been checked to be available throughout the country.
Salient features of the satellite are listed below:
Orbit type: Geo-synchronous
Orbital location: 93.5° E
INSAT-4B is the latest Geo-synchronous Satellite of INSAT series with high power kU Band Transponders launched by ISRO in the beginning of the year 2007. Service parameters of the bouquet of channels, which have been put into operation at present, are as follows:
Transponder Pol Uplink Downlink Lnb SR FEC
Freq. Freq. FR

C13 (36 MHz) H/V 14040 10990 9750 27.5 3/4
C15 (36 MHz) H/V 14120 11070 9750 27.5 3/4
C17 (36 MHz) H/V 14200 11150 9750 27.5 3/4
C 19 (36 MHz) H/V 14290 11490 9750 27.5 3/4
C 21 (36 MHz) H/V 14370 11570 9750 27.5 3/4
In the beginning Doordarshan DTH started with three streams of 20 TV Channel, which is now upgraded to 5 streams of DTH bouquet, capable of transmitting 50 TV channels.
To install the channels following procedure is to be followed which is only suggestive. Viewers are advised to consult the installation manual supplied with STB or contact the nearest STB Dealer
1. Satellite Name:
a) Go to Installation menu or setup Programme from remote.
b) Select Satellite Edit menu.
c) Select Add New Satellite menu.
d) Select Sat Name Edit menu.
e) Enter Satellite Name as INSAT- 4B.
f) Enter Satellite Longitude as 93.5o E
g) Press Exit
2. LNB Configuration
a) Go to LNB Configuration menu. Ensure that satellite selected is INSAT- 4B only.
b) Set LNB Types as Universal.
c) Set LNB Power on.
d) Press Exit
3. Transponder (TP) Edit:
a) Go to Transponder Edit menu. Ensure that satellite selected is INSAT- 4B.
b) Select Add New TP menu.
c) Enter TP Frequency as 10990 MHz.
d) Select Symbol rate as 27500 ksps.
e) Select Polarization as Vertical.
f) Select Scan as FTA.
g) Press OK.
h) ‘22K’ OFF*
i) ‘Disc. Equal’. Off
After filling the above values Go to ‘search’
Press ‘OK’
The new TV and Radio services will be displayed. Similarly add all other four TPs by entering the frequency, symbol rate and polarization as given in Table above
Note: - The above-mentioned steps may be in, different order in some of the STBs.
In case there is any difficulty, viewers are advised to contact the nearest STB dealer.:)


30 May 2011
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can we receive hotbird @13 east in delhi?if yes what is the minimum dish size to catch that bird?



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3 Nov 2010
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ykb_1979 said:
can we receive hotbird @13 east in delhi?if yes what is the minimum dish size to catch that bird?

yes receive hotbird 6 feet ku band dish matel no fiber


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3 Nov 2010
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you want best result ku band use matel dish c band best result use fiber dish ----------ok
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