I Am Singh is a crash course in Sikhism

Niraj Rathod

29 Oct 2011
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It seems one can still squeeze a story out of post 9/11 incident though a lot has happened closer home since then. That 9/11 is a thing of the past and that except for watching visuals on TV, few Indians were affected, the story of I Am Singh makes it even more limited, dealing with hate crimes, the attacks on Sikhs in the US whom the ignorant local goons killed thinking they were Afghans or some such terrorist merely because they wear turbans. I am Singh portrays the glorification of Sikh community and is a crash course in Sikhism.

Gulzar Chahal is woken out up one late night at his Chandigarh home with a call from the US where his brothers are settled; his family has been attacked and, while one brother has been killed, father has been seriously wounded and the other brother has gone missing. Chahal arrives in US only to meet with uncooperative policemen and some more attacks. No one would tell him what exactly happened till he finally meets his brothers' Pakistani friend, Rizwan Haider, who has been an eyewitness to the gory incident.

This time, Chahal approaches police with this eyewitness but still to no avail. He realises that he is on his own when comes another Sikh on the scene, Puneet Issar, a police officer suspended from LAPD for wearing turban on duty! He tells him to seek redress from court and puts him on to a lady attorney cum human rights activist. The attorney proves efficient and so does the American judiciary as, in one hearing it dispenses three cases, delivering verdict for three separate cases, those of attack and murder of Chahal's brother, suspension of Puneet Issar and release of Chahal's brother who was actually confined to custody by police for carrying arms.

I Am Singh is a case of indulgence, the protagonist, Gulzar Chahal is no actor nor are the others on the roaster. Music has a sectional appeal. Direction and script are average at best.

I Am Singh has no prospects to last even a day at cinema halls.
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