Seeking Help I have small doubt, please clarify it.

Guru Tarak

10 Dec 2023
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I don't know very much English so I'm asking in Telugu

Bros sun direct lo ncf charge 59rs kadha, ippudu manam 100rs telugu plan ni recharge cheskunte monthly fee 159rs(+gst) na ledha ekkuva avthundha?

Please clarify🤒

T: Bros, in Sun Direct, the NCF charge is Rs. 59 right, if at all we recharge Rs. 100 Telugu plan, will the monthly fee be Rs. 159(+GST) or more than that?
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If 100rs ( GST included) telugu plan , then total amount= 100 + 59 = 159/m

If 100rs ( GST excluded) telugu plan , then
Total amount= 118 + 59 = 177/m

Examples shown in screenshot is 167 ( GST excluded, ncf excluded)


Trai channel app


SunDirect app
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