DDF Exclusive Introducing Custom Titles

I think Sun direct Expert title is still vacant and not offered/given to anyone...!!
congratulations to you also bro for getting exclusive tag 😍 👍
Thank you!
@zaxotes bro has the DreamDTH logo Designer tag since a long time.
This tag is since the DreamDTH revamp in 2019; given in honor of designing the new logo for DreamDTH. Thanks to @Bapun Raz for this!
Hopefully many more logo designer tags would be given. 'Creative mind' would be suitable.
Congratulations to everyone 🎉✨
This one is sort of an exclusive user title given in honor. Maybe a "Digital Artist" / "Graphic Designer" / "Logo Designer" title can be considered for those who design stuff here. But this will only create more confusion going forward. Probably its best to stick with titles specific to the area of expertise w.r.t. DTH services in this forum.
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