Is it possible to catch Hotbird in India??


23 Sep 2015
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Dear friends,
I have seen some of you are getting Hotbird and other Satellites of East/European satellite. Need some advice if this experiment would be successful with these conditions :huh

I am on thoughts of buying the following:
1) 210CM Ku-Band Focused Solid Dish
2) 6 LNB Bracket
3) 6 Ku Band LNB 80db
4) SOLID SD-813 DiSEqC 1.1 Switch

I plan to catch these:
7°E — Eutelsat 7A (E7A, W3A, Eutelsat W3A)
9°E — Eutelsat 9A (E9A, Eurobird 9A, Hot Bird 7A, Hotbird 7A)
13°E — Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B (HB13B, HB8, Hotbird 8, Hot Bird 8)
16°E — Eutelsat 16C (E16C, Sesat 1, Eutelsat Sesat)
25°E — Eutelsat 25B (E25B, Eurobird 2A, Es'hail 1)
26°E — Badr 4 (ARABSAT 4B)
36°E — Eutelsat 36B (E36B, W7, Eutelsat W7)

I would like to have everybody's advice on how to make this experiment successful? Would i need a bigger dish?:huh:huh

Thank you for your help and time :tup
May be u ll catch few tps on 7 ft dish, as u r close to sea ( pune) in winter season.
But there's no guarantee..

12 ft dish wud be better.

HB beams are quite far.. and cant be easily tracked.

ppl in punjab get HB signals in winters, on big dishes, 8 ft or so.

Rest all sats. u've mentioned, will come on 7 ft dish. :k
Bro is it possible with single LNB or would need 6 for each satellite?

12ft wonder what would be the cost of it!
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