Discussion Is misogyny and moral policing common on tamil news channel?

The Lonelier Island

23 Aug 2018
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This is the scene from yesterday.
I am just wondering what kind of society we live in where a cameraman of a news channel gets away with harrasment. This statement below is just shocking.
In the video report that accompanied these captions, Thanthi TV’s camera repeatedly focused on the women’s faces and bodies, despite their expressing discomfort. Even those women who were leaving were relentlessly followed for deliberate close-up shots of their faces. Many women tried to use scarves, masks and dupattas to hide their faces, but the channel’s camera persisted in trying to expose their identities. One woman was seen telling the cameraperson that she would lodge a police complaint against the channel’s breach of privacy, to which he replied with a rude challenge asking her to do it. Misogyny and moral policing: News channels chase, shame women in Chennai pub
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