Key points from Dish TV Q1FY12 conference call transcript

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Dish TV India's total income in Q1FY12 was Rs 460.3 crore compared to Rs 304.3 crore last year. EBITDA recorded was Rs 112.2 crore, with margins further strengthening to reach 24.4%. Net loss reduced to Rs 18.3 crore compared to Rs 63.1 crore in the first quarter last fiscal, thus making bottom-line profitability visible in the coming quarters.

Key takeaways from the Dish TV conference call transcript

Breakup of revenue: The subscription revenue was Rs 392 crores, lease rental was Rs 55 crore which could have been higher by around Rs 5.5 crore but for the write-off that the company had to do on account of set top boxes older than 500 days. Teleport was Rs 3 crore and bandwidth and other charges were around Rs 9.5 crore.

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) remained steady at Rs 150 despite a higher subscriber base. The company maintains exit ARPU guidance for FY12 in the range of Rs 160 to 165.

Subscriber acquisition cost for the quarter was down to Rs 2,058 compared to Rs 2,224 in the immediately preceding quarter. The breakup would be around Rs 1600 for set top box, Rs 250 for selling and distribution cost and the balance towards marketing cost.

The company expects to add 3 to 3.5 million subscribers in FY12 despite increase in set top box prices.

There are three ARPU drivers in DTH business model; one, the plain vanilla price increase that company takes from time to time, the second is the pack mix which is the upgradation of customers from low value packs to higher value packs and the third element is the HD.

Dish TV normally tends to get about 40% to 43% of subscriber additions in the first two quarters and 56% to 57% in the next two quarters.

The gross debt is around Rs 1050 crore while cash continues to be around Rs 370-380 crore. The company received around Rs 90 crore from advances given to some of the group companies.

The debt level may not fall but the rate of interest or the amount of interest outgo will fall because Dish TV has convert rupee debt into foreign currency debt. So the company can save around 4% to 5%.

License fee is the amount paid to the Ministry of Information and broadcasting based on the licensing agreement.

Source: Company's website
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