List of STB Firmwares that can be flashed to Solid HDS2X 8181


22 Jul 2014
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Hey friends

This is the list of STB firmware that can be flashed to Solid HDS2X.

Fortec Star
Icone I135
Revolution Galaxy
Tiger M1Pro
Tiger M3Pro
Tiger M5Plus
Tiger M5Super
What I noticed is though these firmware runs pretty good in Solid STB but some remote function will not work.
Icone I135........No problem only some wifi dongle will not work.
Revotution Galaxy..............You cant check TP list as there is no goto option in Solid remote.
Fortec Star
Tiger M1Pro
Tiger M3Pro
Tiger M5Plus
Tiger M5Super
Multi Audio selection Key will not work...................................

Note...This is for educational purpose, flashing firmware for illegal activity is offensive crime, I will not be responsible if you guys do so.
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my 8181 box is issue of power supply what is problem any help mi its adapter is ok ... its stop working in krrrrr sound ...
Need help !!!!

I have solid 2100 dlx model stb and i want to sort channels according to category like music channels should be at one place and movies at another place and all other categories( news and entertainment ) in other place.

I want to set the channels as first 1to 30 will be news and music next will be entertainment channels and then movies , devotional etc.

Anyone can help me please.

Earlier i was having solid 6078 IT box and was able to do it but in current stb i am able to do and facing lots of issue. Because I can't remember the channel number of every channel . Also in dd these channels are getting swaped every months.

Please help me
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