Discussion My experience at #ADayAtMix (My Questions there answer) Listen to my playlist on 10 Oct 8-9 pm on Sony MIX

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1 Aug 2014
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As you all know that I got chance to visit Sony Mix & Sony Rox office. So, I had a flight organized by SPNL from Jaipur to Mumbai at early 7:15 am. And, back from Mumbai to Jaipur at 10:05 pm (which delayed due to heavy rain in Mumbai).

quick picture upload
I reached to Maharao Chatrapati Shivaji Airport, my cab driver was standing over there who take me to SPNL headquarters. And, then starts my #ADayAtMix

A employee name 'Anu' was available over there who was assisting me. First of all she tell me about how we continue flow with music on Sony MIX from morning to evening. How we get started our journey with just 7-8 members and now we had a huge team.

Then, we had a lunch at restaurant on top of the building and I ordered Singapore Rice. Still I'm mouthwatering.
After that we reached to the team of programming where we discussed about growth rate of channel and TRP.

Question I asked :-

Why we launched Sony ROX HD instead of Sony MIX HD?

There answer, Sony Mix covers all the genre music. Old, new, youth, etc where as if we launched Sony Mix HD channel then, we don't have HD resolution for old music and we don't wanna lost 'MIX' charm in that so, we launched Sony Mix HD.

Question I asked :-

Why we at Sony took too much time to launch an HD channel? Where as other network HD channels were available from long time ago?

There answer, See we also know that it's time for HD channels but, we here at SPNL think all around like if we launched HD channel too quickly without any second thought then, it would be difficult for us if it won't run good. You never listen that SPNL fires there employees? I said, No... then they, yes that's the reason that we wanna do something good but with all thoughts.

Question I asked :-

We were running good in paid market (Paid DTH & Cable) so, why did we choose DDFreeDish as well?

There answer, See we Indian adjust in every situation very quickly and if our income increases then, our standard will also increases. Like if a person earning less than he will go for DDFD. And, then same person starts earning well then he wants to increase his standard and choose to go for paid platform and where he should already know about our channel we provided SONY MIX on DDFD.

Question I asked :-

How did you calculate TRP?

There answer, People meters were installed in some houses of our country where we come to know that which person watching which channel at a particular time.
Like this is World and in that we had India and in India we had 60% TV holders and in which we installed 20% houses a people meter from which calculate ratings.
Apart from this we had BARC which forms from all TV networks and advt. agencies which use digital techniques to calculate ratings.

Question I asked :-

Ratings come from Sun to Sat so why it took 4 days to calculate it in BARC?

See BARC took time to decode each and every frequency and in between we had holidays too. But, in coming time it would be quick.

Then we go to members who decides program to air and off air. Where they tell us about shows that started in early days and now running shows and upcoming shows. And, channel logo and themetheme.

Question I asked :-

Why did we changed logo?

There answer, first of all thank you so much that you have noticed that we were thinking that no one will notice that. Yes we had changed the logo and theme to provide refreshment to the channel as it's going to complete it's 6 years.

They ask me which is your favorite program I replied 'Raina Beetey Jaaye'

Then, we visited to Song selection members where they told me about how we select songs and renew there rights and sent them to forward department who edit them and sent to Singapore where are Sony's headquarters and transmission center.

Question I asked :-

How did you know that which songs we want to listen?

There answer, We had team of experts which decide all these songs after seeing ratings.

And, here I made my playlist which will air on 10 Oct 8-9 pm

Question I asked :-

What about song 'Exclusive' on our channel?

There answer, We brought rights from filmmaker in more price and ask them that it will run First 3-4 days only on our channel after song out.

Question I asked :-

How much time you play those 'Exclusive' songs?

In beginning after every 4-5 songs and then 5-7 times a day.
Also they added that we are getting very positive feedback about you. That we all didn't expected these types of questions from a viewer. I replied, thanks

And, then we visited editing section where actual themes and logos were designed. Here we come to know about colour selection of logos of all channels and here I pull leg of designer of TEN. I can't tell you that how much fun we had at that section.

Question I asked :-

How did you decide the colour scheme for the logo?

There answer, See we chooses colors of MIX as oriented towards our viewers. All genre cover in one logo.

Question I asked :-

And, what about SONY ROX?

Yes, Sony Rox is oriented to the youth so some blue colour were used in it.

They also added about the packaging music of both the channel that on Mix we are covering all genre in music. But, on ROX only youth and young genres.

And, see in packaging of MIX we used every instrument player from tabla to flute, from guitar to band to show every proportion.

Question I asked :-

Who's the voice behind every Sony channel who introduce each and every thing to us. Like 'aap dekh rhe hai sony', 'dekho suno gungunao', etc.

There answer, see this is the voice of Sony which is designed by us we keep improving it.

And, we leave from there and landed to the final destination from where songs were sent to Singapore broadcasting headquarters.

Here they tell me that we design each and everything and coded them and in broadcasting headquarters they decode it and run.

Question I asked :-

What if information about the song mismatched?

There answer, That's it's not possible because our system is designed in such a way that code can't be mismatched.

Then, finally we met Sony MIX & ROX HD head where they ask from me about my education and that we're very impressed with me and gifted me goodies.

And, same cab driver take me to airport and my flight was about 2hr delayed due to heavy rain in Mumbai. I reached Jaipur at 12:35 am.

Note : Sorry if any mistake done in this.
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Once again Congrats bro ...:hs::tup:
And appreciates your effort to type all your experience here...:clap:
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Once in a lifetime exprience @hike bro...hope u have enjoyed very much...questions asked by u r pretty good...and to top it off...u hve got mix merchandise and goodies...congrats
Hopefully you guys are listening.
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