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New Bollywood Movies Review

23 Dec 2014
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reviews r being posted so late.
early n quick posting means more n more money wud b saved.


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16 Jul 2013
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Prateek Marwadi said:
reviews r being posted so late.
early n quick posting means more n more money wud b saved.
I know that bro ...but you know due SS Channels addition I forgot everything :d:lol


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16 Jul 2013
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Shamitab Movie Review -Shamitabh has a doubly dramatic act - but less emotion


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R Balki

Amitabh Bachchan, Dhanush, Akshara Haasan.

2 hours 33 minutes.

Story: Mute Daanish becomes a superstar when
Amitabh Sinha provides him his voice - what
happens when ego pulls body and speech apart?
Review: So, Shamitabh has a lovely concept - a
boy falls in love with the movies and dreams of
becoming a star. He has pizzazz, passion,
presence - but no voice. Daanish (Dhanush) is
born mute, his soul, like the film-mad lad of
Cinema Paradiso, finding utterance with movies,
Igatpuri's bus conductor (rather like a certain
Rajini Sir) determined to achieve stardom.

Daanish hits Film City and impresses assistant
director Akshara (Haasan) but directors reject a
mute hero.

Akshara's doctor dad introduces Daanish to
technology which, using embedded micro-
recorders and ear-pieces, enables a mute
person to communicate via a 'borrowed' voice.
Daanish and Akshara find the perfect voice -
that of Amitabh Sinha (Bachchan), a failed actor,
snubbed due to his baritone, who lives in a
graveyard, soaked in whisky and cynicism.

Amitabh's tickled by the idea of making his
rejected voice successful and the 'Shamitabh'
team becomes a super-hit.

But what happens when Amitabh feels he's
getting no recognition, despite being as good a
kalakaar as Daanish - if not better?

Shamitabh's dramatic performances match its
unusual tale. Often evoking The Artist, Dhanush
is terrific as film-crazy Daanish, whose eyes
sparkle at the cinema, whose brow furrows in
desperation to meet directors, who schmoozes
and rages without saying a word. Amitabh
Bachchan provides perfect balance, catty and
chatty in that wondrous velveteen baritone,
dripping sarcasm, yodelling ditties, expressing
irony, then abhimaan, bringing to life
Shamitabh's crackling dialogues.

Their acting is electric - but also, frequently
over-indulged. Scenes that should've been tight
are allowed to stretch or become repetitive. The
vibrant 'Piddly' song gets wasted while the plot
is too convenient - a rural boy flings his village
life behind him like dust, no doctor explains how
the mute hero's 'voice' reads his thoughts and
speaks them, no-one swears Amitabh's sidekick
to secrecy.



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16 Jul 2013
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BADLAPUR Movie Review : Most ‘unpredictable’ tale of ‘no revenge’

The unpredictability begins with the film’s metaphorical
title BADLAPUR. Literally translated it means the Kasbah
of Revenge. But the film is not actually about revenge.

It’s about redemption, which signifies the title too when
one translates the metaphor laterally. It’s a celluloid
saga of the pain and penance and ‘badle ki aag’
simmering in the mind and heart of a young loving
husband and father who is wronged by petty bank
robbers for no fault of his family and him. Is he a hero?
No. It’s the most vicious of petty criminals who is the
hero and joker combo and the protagonist of the film.
You complained of ‘predictable’ films, try predicting this
one my son.

So, who is the villain of the story? Of course the stupid
insensitive audience that may fail to appreciate this well-
meaning film that promotes long forgotten Gandhian
values. Gandhi ji chale gaye, lekin unke uchh aur swacch
vichar jivit hain jo na hamein jeene dete hain na marne.

It’s like ‘ Na Khuda hi mila na visaale sanam, na idhar ke
rahe na udhar ke rahe (I found neither God nor could
screw my beloved, and thus was denied the orgasm of
either kind.)

It’s a quiet Pune street that witnesses a quiet bank
robbery and the masked robbers, who don’t even have a
getaway vehicle, force their way into the MUV of Misha
(Yami Gautam) whose husband Raghu (Varun Dhawan) is
presenting his path-breaking campaign idea to his
colleagues in an advertising agency office somewhere
afar. Misha’s little son is also in the vehicle. The Pune
police chases the MUV, Misha protests as her son is
thrown out of the car. The lead robber shoots her and
asks his accomplice to get away with the booty who does
what he is told. The police catch up with the lead robber
Liak (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who lies brazenly and says he
was merely driving the car and it was the guy who
escaped with the booty who actually shot the woman and
threw the child out of the MUV.

Misha and her child die, leaving Raghu forlorn,
distraught and broken, and itching for revenge. He
employs a lady detective and finds out more about Liak.

He has a mother and is in love with a prostitute called
Jhumli (Huma Qureshi). Raghu tries to extract the truth
from Liak through Jhumli. Once, in a fit of rage and
extreme frustration, he even sodomises her. And I must
commend the director for recognizing and realizing the
true potential of the physical-sensual prowess of the
female talent at his disposal in this particular scene.

Laik sticks to his ‘innocence’ story, refuses to help the
police to catch his accomplice, but somehow gets
convicted incredibly and exceptionally fast and sentenced
to a jail term of 20 years. He does not seem to go in for
an appeal either against such conviction. Raghu leaves
his job, shifts to Badlapur. The name of the place seems
the only apparent reason to do so. And we are informed
in a few seconds that 15 years have passed. Liak has
grayed Raghu has not. Liak is in in jail, Raghu is a
recluse. And then the story begins to take one
unpredictable twist and turn and transformation after
another, leaving a long trail of inexplicable and
implausible imponderables.
Ratings : 1.5/5

Read More Here


Dream Expert
16 Jul 2013
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ABCD 2 (3D) Movie Review: Nearly a world-class ‘patriotic’ family film of dance-romance genre

It’s a film about aspirational youth sans
scatological humor, violence, double meaning
dialogues, blatant sexuality, hot kisses and
nudity. It’s imbued with a sense of patriotism
and pride for our nation, culture, and its
glorious and beautiful traditions. One can
compare it with films of dance romance genre
made elsewhere in the world. It could have
been about 15 minutes shorter to make it
slicker and smarter.

This is healthy mass entertainment. Entire family
can enjoy it, from 2-year-old kids to nana-nanis,
and dada-dadis. It’s a well-directed and enacted
film that could have been written and shot

Suresh (Varun Dhawan) and Vinnie (Shraddha
Kapoor) are suburban youth. They are very fond
of dancing and have their own dance troupe.

They participate in a TV reality show but lose the
competition as all their moves are copied from a
well-known hip-hop dance troupe of the
Philippines. People mock them as cheaters after
the debacle. The troupe disintegrates. Suresh
thinks of a plan of redemption. They will take
part in a Hip Hop International Dance Championship in Las Vegas. He is certain that
they can do it. But they need a choreographer
and finally find him in Vishnu (Parabhu Deva) a
drunkard who agrees to help them after some
serious persuasion. They regroup, reorganize,
and form the new troupe Mumbai Stunners.

They win the qualifying round of the
Championship in Bangalore and fly away to Las
Vegas after regulation initial hurdles. They are
pitted against formidable troupes including the
Filipino dancers whose dance styles and
choreography they were accused of copying.

They face serious hurdles and setbacks including
disappearance of Vishnu who had his own
personal reasons to come to Las Vegas and was
going to ditch them anyway. Much is at stake
here - their final chance of redemption and the
nation’s honor. The whole nation has now
pinned its hopes on them. It’s a do and die
situation. Can they do it?

The dance sequences in the film are excellently
and dynamically choreographed and the
dancers, including the stars, have worked hard
to perform to international standards. The music
is good too and the lyrics of the songs are
sensible and have substance and import. They
present the essence of Indian culture positively
and beautifully. The last two songs and dances
are exceptionally good.

It’s a mood elevating feel-good film that keeps
you engaged. It’s also an unabashedly Indian
film. The older generation may feel a little bored
initially of an overdose of dancing. But as the
story moves towards it final denouement, it gets
riveting and engrossing and ends on a strong
emotionally moving note.

It’s almost a world-class dance-romance film. Its
production design and cinematography are a
letdown. The 3D cinematography works in
patches. The script is another of its weak points.
It needed further development and heft.

Ratings : 3/5

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