Breaking New Transponder(s) Testing By Tata Play

Regularly we are using less than 15 channels. Why we expecting new channels. We need popular channels in less price.

All kinds of channels r needed bcoz there r millions of people who like watching different type of content....also certain channels may not have much viewership but helps operator earn carriage fee revenue which again is very important for the company to provide good services & expand its offerings
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We need good picture quality in HD and SD Channels. Paying channels picture quality less now. Highly paying Vijay Tv SD and Zee Tamil SD Picture quality also less. HD and SD prices are same but quality is different. If same price remove SD channels and provide only HD channel.

Wait some more time bro, once they get additional bandwidth they will certainly provide good audio + video quality across all channels available on their platform and even add more channels which r in pending list.

SD channels cannot be removed or replaced with HD channels
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