DDF Exclusive News First Kannada launching on 20th September

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26 Jan 2016
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Channel may enter top 5 in 2 month.
News first is from same team who build no1 channel TV9 kannada
They need to enter into barc it may take few months it will be a tough task in kannada news market to reach top 5.


5 Oct 2014
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This is the highest-decibel campaign for the launch of a Kannada news channel in a long time. News 1st is really aggressive in its promotion. Let us see how long it lasts.


1 Feb 2019
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They need to enter into barc it may take few months it will be a tough task in kannada news market to reach top 5.
Yes .but this time they are lucky as all people are hateing present news channels they can get some viewers from public tv news18 Suvarna, digvijaya.

And their channel also placed in good lcn.in sundirect in middle of TV9 kannada and news18 Kannada.

And also distribution of channel also good.added channel in 3 dth in 24hrs
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