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3 Nov 2010
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ard Splitter is an Irdeto2 , Viaccess2 and Seca Mediaguard Sharing hub, With this Card Splitter you can share one original smart card between all your receivers ( 4, 8 , 16 receivers or more by cascade system ) and the card splitter will connect to the digital receivers by the slave which will be insert inside the receivers cam and its work as the original card inside your receiver, this solution is useful when you had more than 1 receiver in your home but you didn't want to pay monthly fee for extra card.

CARD SPLITTER CS16-PRO contain 1 master Unit + 16 slaves which allow you to connect 16 digital receivers to 1 smart card
Host device clock auto range: 2.5 MHz - 8 MHz.
1000 meter phone cable (reference 12 ohm per 100 m)
Each host device can switched on/off without disturbing other ports operation
Auto re-start after power failure
Stand alone operation, manages the smart card itself
Optical isolated and 'breakable' slave units to use 5 wire flat cable
Very fast master <-> slave communication (>30 Kbytes/s)
Internal managed 32 entries cache to shorten reply time
Cascaded operation possible

price of the card splitter is:-
CS4-PRO = connect with 4 receivers ( 300US$ )
CS8-PRO = connect with 8 receivers ( 500US$ )
CS16-PRO = connect with 16 receivers ( 700US$ )

For more Information Visit GLOSAT Website :-

How Working Card Splitter :
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