Seeking Help No Picture....Only Audio.... in Dish nxt D-7000 HD [Help]

Hi, I have same issue even after replacement of LED twice. mine is 32 inch. I am clueless now, what to do. Any way out ? I am using DISH NXT HD Settop box.
I'm using Mi TV 4C Pro and Dish NXT HD model D-7000 HD for past 4 months.

From the January first week
My dishtv giving only audio.. no picture.. when I'm switch off and on the STB.

Some times its working when i reinserted hdmi cable.
at that time of this issue(audio only giving in my tv) i called cc and they did refresh, then its came with audio and picture.

again if i switch off and on stb giving only audio.

i changed hdmi cable.... same issue...
i raised a complaint, 3 Technician visit my place and the swapped stb 2 times. still same problem..

i have checked with the different tv (but same model) .... same issue....

one of the Technician checking with another model stb(Model no 5004) its working perfectly.

So i think there is no problem with the tv.

Technicians also confused where is the issue arises exactly..because they confirmed this model working in so many of the places.
its giving issue for my tv only. but before January the same model working well in my home.

i need your help regarding this issue friends...
It may be due to resolution conflict. If your TV supports only 720p resolution then set the resolution in STB to 720p only. It may work.
It may be due to resolution conflict. If your TV supports only 720p resolution then set the resolution in STB to 720p only. It may work.

bro 1080 and 720 both are working perfectly in my tv.
Problem is from january only before that its working well.
if i set resolution to 720 , then also the issue came again when i switch off and on the STB
U go in your TV and select the HDMI port properly. I asked how many HDMI port ?

3 HDMI port.
i tried in all 3 ports.
same issue.
if i remove the hdmi cable from the stb and reinsert then video coming with picture. otherwise only audio.

i think there is no issue in the tv. because the Technician checking with different stb model 5004. its working without any issue.
i asked them to swap that box but they refused to do that.

now i really tired to contact them again and again
finally my suspect is the issue from jan, but stb received software upgrade on dec last week. v.4.63

may be this upgrade is not supported for my tv.
i passed this info to the regional manager but still not getting any response after that.
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Off topic: For this type of issues I recommend branded TV s bro...... anyway your STB problem may solve as soon....
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