OLLYWOOD TV Removed !!!

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Partha;U r waiting..I'm also waiting & also many ODIAs are waiting for this;because OLLYWOOD TV is far better than TARANG,DishTV has already declared in their website being PRARTANA is available.

As far last news I got..DishTV is ready to pay OLLYWOOD TV;but as it will be available along with PRARTHANA as A-La-Carte Pack"ODISHA ANAND PACK";thats why DishTV has decided to add PRARTHANA & OLLYWOOD at a time.First due to some technical problem;PRARTHANA hadn't been added.Now its again payment issue.So due to PRARTHANA OLLYWOOD TV's addition is delaying.The news from OLLYWOOD's Site they say DishTV has given him waiting message;but they will sure add it...As they will get the payment soon they will give SIGNAL to DishtV.

But its sure that they will add PRARTHANA,OLLYWOOD TV & ZEE ODIA before the great festival "RAJO"..TARANG MUSIC's payment yet not finalized;but due to competition between D2H & DishTV in ODISHA market ODISHA Sales Team have said that TARANMG MUSIC will also be added ;but may be available as A-La-Carte.

Also now D2H & AIRTEL in talk with OLLYWOOD TV.When it will be finalized ..I'll give the news.But STV SAMACHAR will sure be available in this month on TATASKY & AIRTEL.

As I get any info..I'll share here;but always facing problem in DREAM DTH for posting & creating Thread...

For Any Other info about DishTV..Check this Link...

Waiting since long time DishTV added OLLYWOOD TV & also declared to add PRARTHANA;but what a bad luck for (us)ODIA Viewers...we always suffer....:waiting:
@Pikun bhai,

Good news brother now i have successfully solved all your problem.
Also brother plz update all info in ur profile and give a good signature:up:
Dish tv announced for channel addition,I think some Odia channel will be there.
Pikun Bro. wht abt ollywood tv????????Plz reply.........

i think its never gets back.........as all channel are added except it....................:up:
At first OLLYWOOD TV is interested to add back on DishTV ;also DishTV is ready to pay;but DishTV wants to add it along with PRARTHANA for making an A-La-Carte..But due to delay of of RRARTHANA for technical problem;its not added OLLYWOOD TV due to this reason.After that when DishTV Officials contacted OLLYWOOD TV;their Director said that they were not willing to come to any DTH now.What a silly thing.Then DishTV is bound to add TARANG MUSIC with PRARTHANA for making an A-La-Carte.

Now D2H wants to add OLLYWOOD TV to compete with DishTV.Also AIRTEL in talk with OLLYWOOD TV .If OLLYWOOD comes on D2H;then it will sure be added on DishTV.

And another good news is:many ODIA channels are giving first priority to DishTV. Many ODIA channel have contacted DishTV.But DishTV demands more money from these channels.

If MBC TV & KAMYAB TV ready to pay DishTV;then there is chance of adding it.LAKSHYA Entertanment also contacted DishTV;but DishTV demanded huge amount.

But as far last info;MBC is trying more to add it on DishTV.MBC in talk with DishTV to give payment in many installment;if this agreement will be finalized;then hope we will soon get MBC TV.

To get more Latest Info about DishTV & other DTHs...Click on this link...


Good News..Now Distributor of OLLYWOOD TV has said that now they are ready to come on any DTH >but DishTV still didn't contact anymore
since that last issue..So hope..DishTV will contact OLLYWOOD TV.:phone1:
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