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Orton X403P High Definition Digital Satellite Receiver

Bapun Raz

Staff member
3 Nov 2010
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Product Description
- One slot for Smart Card in Conax system
- One Slot for Common Interface Module
- Support of SD/HD(MPEG2/MPEG4 H. 264), DVB-S, DVB-S2 system
- High resolution video output-HDMI
- Standard resolution video output-SCART, RCA
- Supported video resolutions-576p, 720p, 1080I
- Front panel display-LED 4 digit
- Digital audio output S/PDIF-coaxial
- Analog audio output-RCA stereo
- Software update by USB, RS-232C
- 12V out for connecting external devices
- LAN connector (Ethernet)
- USB connector compliant with USB 2.0 standard
- Low power consumption in Stand-by mode, below 1W
- Automatic Stand-By mode after 3 hours from last using receiver for power saving
- Compatible with Diseqc 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS
- Electronic Program Guide-EPG
- Multilngual Menu, including English
- Time Shift (video pausing, rewinding)
- PVR Ready-possibility to record on external USB drive
- Recording one channel and watch another FTA channel within a single transponder
- Blind Scan supported
- Parental Lock for channels and Menu
- Possiility to save up to 5000 channels(TV and Radio)
- Fast channels switching
- Possibility of creating own channels lists
- Possibility of creating Favourite Lists
- Sort/Group/Channels search options
- Channel Editing features-Remove, Lock, Skip, Move, Rename
- Subtitle support-Teletext and DVB


Staff member
3 Nov 2010
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Not available in india & using For Dishtv (Not sure) Coz Only dishtv use Conax


3 Jun 2011
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Rahul Sharma bkn said:
It is a good for big symbol rate.guru tell me.
I am not sure about the SR of this box and even dont know whether it can run Dishtv or not.

But this box is available at our store at Rs. 6500, the original one. not the clone....

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