Discussion {Pics} Sun Direct Launches New SD Boxs with HDMI Port.

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2 Jan 2013
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Sun Direct Launches New Standard Definition (SD) Set Top Box with HDMI Port.

Future Proof Set Top box for HD Upgrade.
Enjoy Better Picture Quality of SD Channels with HDMI Cable.
HD Channels will be watchable after Software Update.
currently customer only able to watch SD Channels.

In Box: Both HDMI and AV Cable available with Sun Direct HD Remote.

Some Pics:







Thank you for posting these pictures.

So, this new box is HSG003.

I am planning to get this box (I am currently using HSG002, but there seems to be an issue with the box. There is freezing issue in channels from 2 TPs).

Could you please post pictures of the AV Cable in the box?

Because my TV is a CRT TV with only AV input sockets for the RCA cable (with yellow, white & red pins), it would be helpful to see how the AV Cable in the box looks.

If the AV cable in the box is not usable for my TV, then the only other option for me is to buy a "HDMI to AV Converter". However, I am not sure if the audio & video quality will be bad if I use such a converter.
This is not new box i have this stb last 1 year
Is your box's model HSG003 too?

Like @Deep.S mentioned in his post, was there an AV cable in the box? (In addition to the HDMI cable)

If yes, could you please post a picture of that AV cable?
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