Price hike in all packs


31 Jul 2011
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Sundirect increased prices in all packs. Due to tax implemented by t.n govt.
I will update the prices soon.
Yes its incresed now.But website still not updated.How you get all details?
Because it has been already announced from oct 15 th price hike is there
So can you give details please.

Anyways its really ca bad move. :down
well its a known fact sun direct and rdtv will doom sooner or later, take my work. tata sky, d2h, airtel will b at top players and sih will b average player
^Forget to add dish tv in top players?
here are details of prices of packages to change after 15th oct.

South Value pack 1 months 123 -> 145
South Value pack 3 months 368 -> 425
South Value pack 6 months 655 -> 800
South Value pack 12 months 1310 -> 1590
Cinema plus 1 mths 149 -> 165
Cinema plus 3 months 399 -> 470
Cinema plus 6 months 699 -> 910
Cinema plus 12 months 1399 -> 1800

Please note that the price revision TENTATIVELY planned for the 15th of October is BEING DEFERRED
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