DTH updates Promotions 1 and Promotions 2 added


1 Feb 2022
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Promotions 1 and promotions 2 added on Sun Direct
Promotions 1 LCN 780
Promotions 2 LCN 781
*Note:This info channels adding purpose for may be Sun Direct GO
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Temporarily these two channels running on old star network promos
Not Temporary, it's Permanent. Always that Channels is only for Promoting Disney Star Channels.Both Channels are showing Star Promo
Star world promo s running....
But....star world channel is not available...
Still old promos running these two channels
And Sun Direct watermark logo opacity is looks bright in promotions 2 channel
To compare promotions 1 channel
May be That old promos removed soon
Star network promos If they have to broadcast then one promotion channel is enough for them then why two Channels
Let's wait and see if they make any changes in the channels
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