Ranbir Kapoor apes Salman Khan

26 May 2011
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First it was his love interest and now the young actor is following in the professional footsteps of Khan, taking an active role in the post-production activities of Imtiaz Ali's upcoming project Rockstar

Is Ranbir Kapoor trying to follow Salman Khan's footsteps? First he dated Katrina Kaif who was Sallu's girlfriend. Now he seems to do the same for his films too. For instance, Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar.

The actor is deeply attached to the film. From taking active part in the film's music sittings to flying down to Chennai with his director for the music recordings , the actor has been keeping himself updated on every front. It seems he is turning into a perfectionist like his seniors, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan.

Now that the film is being shot, Ranbir is taking part in the editing of the film along with Imtiaz Ali. Our source said, The editing of Rockstar is happening at the producers Astavinayak's office and Ranbir is regularly seen at the office where he is taking part in the editing of the film.

The film is extremely close to his heart and he does not want anything to go wrong in the film. He has also struck an amazing rapport with Imtiaz and both of them are always seen having long creative discussions at the Astavinayak Andheri office.

Ranbir has also decided that he will take active participation in the marketing and promotion of the film as well.

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