Salman Khan chooses Imran over Ranbir


7 Apr 2011
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There's a constant comparison between Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan. And their respective favourite hero from the industry is Salman Khan.

Actor Salman Khan is known to have been a close buddy of Ranbir Kapoor until he began dating Katrina Kaif. On the other hand, Sallu was always fond of Imran Khan, who had rated Sallu even higher than mamu Aamir Khan when asked whom he liked more.

These days, Salman is not shying away from displaying his fondness for the Khan boy. He is shouting from the rooftops and telling all and sundry to go and watch Imran Khan's latets film 'Delhi Belly'. He mentions the movie in every interview and has even written about it on his micr-blogging site.

However, ask Salman about Ranbir Kapoor, and maintains a cordial but cold, "I hope he does well for himself. I'm sure he will."
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