Discussion SD version available but not hd

Hello Suman,

You already have tataplay hd box naa...use for next 2-3 months, then 2 things will happen tataplay will add pending channels , launch new box and offers and airtel after seeing this might add the remaining pending channels to compete.

Till then keeping hope in airtel is useless bro ..just think in 5 years they didn't add the channel why they will add now unless there is a strong motivating factor for them to add..maybe post tataplay gsat migration might change that .so let's hope and wait.
There is something called revenue which is essential for any operator to provide good service to subscribers and carriage fee channels help in that. Also u may not like certain news channels but there is certain audience for it which is why broadcasters launch channels on prominent platforms so that they can reach out to that viewer base and expand its ratings. Just do not watch a channel if u do not like it.

Remaining/ pending HD channels will b added shortly. Airtel Digital TV has almost all important channels, HD channels which r unavailable r surely needed but for time being we can watch their SD feed , there is nothing so big that we r missing out on as far as content is concerned bcoz it is same on both feeds. Good thing us that these SD channels are available in 16:9 aspect ratio
Remaining channels added shortly when bro?
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