Sun direct card in Bigtv Stb

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3 Nov 2010
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we can use the sundirect vc in Big tv stb, fill sun direct parameters Replace big tv in big tv stb.

is vice versa also working i.e. if we put a bigtv smc in sundirect samsung DSB-B580R stb, will it work ?
If yes, pls tell bigtv parameter to be filled in sundirect stb?

As both have same sattelite , there should be no need of dish realignment.
Sorry bro its cant work becoz both are deffrent encryptation system so u cant decode channel from miss match card
Both using Iredto Scrambled Technology ?
We tune Sun direct channel in big tv Stb Via Change Network id. Is it possible ? Anil Sir Please Explain this.
yes, both using iredto.

Pls tell me bigtv parameter or share such link ..

As soon I get a bigtv card, I shall share my experience.

But i have a qs whether i have to factory reset my sundirect stb before inserting bigtv card.
it is not possible both are using different encyption . i had tried by putting RDTV card in sd not supportive ...........

shared channels by RDTV and SD are using both irdeto2 and nagravision
Leave Unscrambled ! Can we Tune Sun direct channel I"n Big tv Stb ?
Vikram said:
Leave Unscrambled ! Can we Tune Sun direct channel I"n Big tv Stb ?

good question , , i dont know why admin started this thread , ? did he get worked ?
no viswa brother i have stated this thread 6 months before and now it is too late when you are digging is a wrong info i get i think coz it is not working really.
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