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Breaking News Sun Direct: Sirippoli Added, Super TV Removed, Sathiyam TV LCN Changed (1 Viewer)


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5 Oct 2014
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There are no Tamil LCNs left. The LCNs should be changed. I have a plan here:

Tamil and Telugu should have 100 LCNs each (they can start at 100 and 200). Malayalam and Kannada can have 50 LCNs each (can start at 300 and 350). Hindi, English and non-South channels can occupy the LCNs from 400 to 799.

For HD channels, South channels should be confined within 800 to 849. Hindi channels should be from 850 to 879 and Marathi and Bangla should be from 880 to 899. In the current scenario the South LCNs (until 869) are hugely spread apart, and the ROI HD channels are crammed between 870 and 899. English and multi-language HD channels (sports, knowledge, lifestyle) will begin from 900 as they do already.
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Raju lal

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2 Jun 2018
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Could be a re-arrangement of channels.
50 LCN block is not sufficient for Tamil, Telugu etc. if SUN is planning to add more channels.
Inorder to gain viewership for Sun network channels, they lifted up ETV Telugu, Asianet, Colors Kannada near to Gemini,Surya and Udaya respectively. Also mixed their channels with other rivals in those languages. But Never did it in Tamil as it is not beneficial for them.
As a decency they should carry up Star Vijay, Zee Tamil, Vijay Super etc atleast little more higher.


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31 Oct 2014
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Tidbit: Sirippoli TV was launched in September 2009. Our Superfast(!) Direct has added it in October 2019, just after 10 short years, gentlemen! :D
Not September.It was launched on February 2009 which is two weeks after the launch of Adithya TV.

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