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Article Tata Sky: No need for location trackers in Set top box or new KYC rules

Anish Pai

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1 May 2011
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What is TRAI upto ???

If they want to act on illegal connection being used outside India I don't know of this GPS thing is good or not

Ankit Jain

Dream Shine
30 Dec 2012
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I strongly agree with Tatasky. Just to protect a few crores of the companies they are planning to risk privacy of all the customers. I mean if this happens then we will be in digital jail wherein we will be monitored for staying in our own house.

Also there are scenarios wherein if we move from one place to another then we tend to find the existing person using same dth connection. Then we just swap our STB and change the dishes so that we can save few bucks. But this move will force all users to pay for delocation and relocation which will just increase the amount paid by us.


Dream Shine
20 Feb 2017
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Support every DPO who is against this. Digital surveillance is fine up to mobiles and internet, but not to TVs where someone simply tracks here are you and what you watch.

(Mods: Feel like all these threads should be better merged to a single one, like the main thread so that effective discussion will happen. Don't want to run around on each thread and comment on to express thoughts :) )
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