Technician needed to align 6 feet C band dish in Chennai


16 May 2011
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I need the help of a technician to align my 6 feet C Band dish to point INSAT 2E. Any help from Chennai people would be great. Thanks in advance.

why dont yot try your self to alline the dish ? Is it new to assembled ? Already set ready on roof
Thread moved to C Band Section.
Dear vishvish,

I assembled it and set it up in the roof. But even after 2 hours of alignment (manual) I couldn't get signal. Thats why asking for help.

Dear Bapun Raz,

Thanks for moving it to proper thread.

Ok i try to guide to allin the dish to insat 2e/4a .

First set the parameters of c band in reciver of insat . In reciver .
Then keep the correct skew of the lnb .

Check the elevation . For your location . May be 77 deg .
Keep the dish to look at sky . And move the dish to exact south and move the dish to little to east about a inch . . . And start to move your dish up and down and swing the dish slowly untill you get the signal .
I searched the net and found this, it may help you.

Set dish elevation angle (up/down) first. For your case it may be 74.
There may be a scale on the back.
There may be polarisation rotation scale on the LNB feed horn throat.
Facing the satellite, clockwise polarisation is positive, negative is anticlockwise.
For your case Polarisation may be -12.1 (anticlockwise)
For the azimuth angle (sideways) For your case Azimuth= 169.0
Use a magnetic compass and swing the dish sideways to find the satellite.

Hope it helps you... :tup
select lnb fr : 5150
and try to catch inset 2e in center south (east to west,)

u know c band H/v pol ?
Dear All,

Sorry that I was out for an year. I started this work again.
Bought an Analog Satellite Finder for help.

Since most of the channels moved to Intelsat 17 (IS-17) from INSAT 2E, I am trying for IS-17 now. This morning I tried tuning. Slight drizzling during that time and mostly cloudy.
I got 6.5 reading in the analog satellite finder. I couldn't improve it further and went down (from terrace to ground floor) to check in the TV & STB. For 3845 V transponder, I got no signal yet. But I did a blind scan since I got 6.5 reading in the analog satellite finder and got 27 channels. I found all those channels are from 68.5E Intelsat 20.

Could you please guide me now to tune for 66.0E IS-17? How much I should turn the dish? Is an inch of more elevation work for 66.0E. How much skew I have to set for the LNB? (There is marking in the LNB only upto 30. I roughly set it to 45). Thanks in advance.

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